We are excited to announce the Art of Medicine 2020 Gala Week platform is open for viewing. Bidding will open on November 7th at 10:00 AM and end on November 15th at 6:00 PM.  As conditions permit, we will have a casual, by appointment exhibition at the Medical Society building November 7th and 8th.  Admission is FREE but a reservation is required. To register, secure your spot early, and view the auction items click on the Auction link below. 

Please forward your questions to Mary Sosa 916-718-2568

Register for Gala and Auction week

Auction Items

41 photo(s) Updated on: 11/01/2020
  • “Winter Creek”
  • Wild Party
  • Train Car
  • Tomato Time by
  • Sunshine Splender
  • Sting
  • Six Days of Creation and Shabbat
  • Sacramento River
  • Pizza Party
  • Paisley by Ken Rego
  • Neighbors
  • Natural Conclusion
  • MAUI
  • Land Park IV
  • Into the Vines by
  • House on a Lake
  • Pearls necklaces
  • Concerto I
  • Burst of Spring by Sylvia Schaefer
  • Blown Glass Bowl
  • Bennett Sculpture
  • "Backyard
  • Wines
  • “abstract”
  • Spend a week in
  • "Back Country
  • "Dessert Tray"
  • "American River"
  • "Dynamic Delta"
  • "Pigeons"
  • Premium Wines
  • A beautiful
  • "Villa and Boats on Tuscan Shore"
  • Greek Countryside
  • "The Jazz Quintet"
  • "Early Fall
  • "She Sits Quietly"
  • “Water Falls
  • “Ninth Avenue
  • Claret and White






Drs. Gustavo & Mary Sosa

Dr. Fred & Mrs. Linda Meyers

Dr. Pei-Hsiu & Mrs. Alice Huang

Dr. Allen and Mrs. Glenda Morris



Sacramento Women’s Health

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Dr. John & Mrs. Celeste Chin

Dr. Chris & Mrs. Gabby Neubuerger

Drs. Barbara Arnold & Henry Go 

Dr. David &

Mrs. Patty Roberts

Dr. Ram & Mrs. Sita Lalchandani




Dr. Ruenell Adams Jacobs &

Mr. Joseph Jacobs

Ms. Paula Cameto

Dr. Gregory Graves &

Mrs. Jeannine Graves

Drs. Paul & Victoria Akins

Dr, Charles & Mrs. Sue Brownridge

Dr. Jose M. & Mrs. Liz Abad

Dr. Nick & Mrs. Kim Majetich

Dr. Jack & Mrs. Mariann Fisher

Dr. David & Mrs. Kathy Greenhalgh

Dr. Clifford & Mrs. Jerilyn Marr

Barbara Andras, Coastline Travel Advisors



Dr. William & Mrs. Debbi Ricks

Dr. Richard & Mrs. Annie Kaplon

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