Past events

05/21/2020 Finding Peace and Power in the Midst of a Pandemic
04/18/2020 Art of Medicine 2020
03/06/2020 Mat Class with Annie Kaplon
02/15/2020 Paint and Sip
02/09/2020 AOM Gift Gathering Party
01/31/2020 Jump Start the New Year: Exercise and Nutrition
12/12/2019 SSVMSA Holiday Luncheon
10/18/2019 Building Resilient Families-presented by Angela Trapp
10/12/2019 SSVMSA Napa Valley Wine Trip
09/14/2019 The Art of Medicine Gift Gathering Party
09/10/2019 SSVMSA General Meeting and Luncheon
06/22/2019 Join SSVMS for a Private Screening of "Toy Story 4"
06/06/2019 Confident Retirement-Retiring on Your Terms
05/14/2019 SSVMSA Past Presidents Celebration and General Meeting
05/03/2019 Joy of Medicine-Procrastination: What are you waiting for?
04/09/2019 SSVMS and SAFE Credit Union presents...Mindfulness and Money
03/21/2019 SSVMSA members are invited to a Ameriprise Financial presentation by Crumley & Associates (click here)
02/28/2019 SSVMS Honors Medicine
02/16/2019 SSVMSA Joins the Undy Run/Walk
02/11/2019 Make-A-Wish
01/25/2019 Joy of Medicine-Family and Medicine, A Balancing Act
12/11/2018 SSVMSA Holiday Party
11/06/2018 SSVMSA Lunch Bunch
11/02/2018 Joy of Medicine • The Medical Family • A Balancing Act
10/02/2018 SSVMSA Lunch Bunch
09/18/2018 SSVMSA General Meeting
08/07/2018 SSVMSA Board Meeting
07/27/2018 CMA Alliance Annual Meeting
04/21/2018 2018 Art of Medicine
09/24/2017 Napa Valley Wine Trip
09/23/2017 SSVMS Joy of Medicine Summit
09/12/2017 Fall General Meeting at 11 am at Matteos
09/09/2017 CMA-A Board of Director meeting at the Medical Society
09/08/2017 "Flights above addiction" at the California Capital Airshow
09/05/2017 Kiyo Sato - guest speaker for SSVMS and SSVMSA
08/19/2017 CMAA Fall Leadership Retreat in Morro Bay
08/18/2017 Wine Tasting Event - "Heard it through the grapevine"
08/01/2017 Lunch Bunch at Evan's Kitchen
06/01/2017 AOM Planning Meeting
05/17/2017 SSVMSA Monthly volunteer event
05/09/2017 Past President’s Luncheon
01/19/2017 Joint SSVMS/SSVMSA Meeting
01/18/2017 SSVMSA Monthly volunteer event
12/13/2016 Medical Alliance Holiday Luncheon
12/07/2016 December SSVMSA Book Club
11/05/2016 Sensory wine tasting with Sender's winery
11/02/2016 November SSVMSA Book Club
10/15/2016 SSVMSA Wine Country Trip
10/06/2016 Girl's Night Out at Katia's Collections
10/05/2016 October SSVMSA Book Club
09/21/2016 SSVMSA Monthly volunteer event
09/13/2016 SSVMSA General Meeting
09/10/2016 SSVMS Fall Social
09/07/2016 September SSVMSA Book Club
08/23/2016 SSVMSA Volunteer Day at Loaves & Fishes
08/02/2016 Lunch Bunch at River City Brewing
05/04/2016 May SSVMSA Book Club
04/30/2016 2016 Art of Medicine
04/06/2016 April SSVMSA Book Club
04/05/2016 Lunch Bunch at Hawks Provisions and Public House
03/18/2016 AOM Mailing Party
03/02/2016 March SSVMSA Book Club
02/15/2016 SSVMSA Playdate
02/15/2016 (copy) SSVMSA Playdate
02/03/2016 February SSVMSA Book Club
01/21/2016 Joint SSVMS/SSVMSA Meeting
01/18/2016 SSVMSA Playdate
01/06/2016 January SSVMSA Book Club
01/05/2016 Monthly Board Meeting
12/08/2015 Medical Alliance Holiday Luncheon
12/02/2015 SSVMSA Book Club
11/11/2015 Medical Alliance play date with young children
11/08/2015 Art of Medicine - Gift Gathering Party
11/04/2015 SSVMSA Book Club
11/03/2015 Monthly Board Meeting and Lunch Bunch
08/22/2015 SSVMS Summer Social
08/15/2015 Walk with a Doc
08/04/2015 Monthly Board Meeting and Lunch Bunch
07/25/2015 SSVMSA Napa Wine Trip
07/14/2015 Monthly Board Meeting
06/09/2015 Monthly Board Meeting
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