• 01/25/2019
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society, 5380 Elvas Ave, Sacramento, CA. Lunch is provided!

    • 02/16/2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • William Land Park, 4215 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95822

    SSVMSA Joins the Undy Run/Walk

    SSVMSA is once again joining forces with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance in support of the fight against colorectal cancer. Please join our team (SSVMSA on the Move) to participate in the’s 5K/3.2 mile run /walk on February 16th.  What a great way to increase our visibility in the community while doing something healthy for ourselves and increasing awareness about this deadly disease.  Please join our team with your family, kids, even dogs!  Walkers, strollers, skaters welcomed!! Please sign up via this link:, or contact Sue Brownridge for info,, 916-955-7753.  More information can also be obtained from their website,

Past events

12/11/2018 SSVMSA Holiday Party
11/06/2018 SSVMSA Lunch Bunch
11/02/2018 Joy of Medicine • The Medical Family • A Balancing Act
10/02/2018 SSVMSA Lunch Bunch
09/18/2018 SSVMSA General Meeting
08/07/2018 SSVMSA Board Meeting
07/27/2018 CMA Alliance Annual Meeting
04/21/2018 2018 Art of Medicine
09/24/2017 Napa Valley Wine Trip
09/23/2017 SSVMS Joy of Medicine Summit
09/12/2017 Fall General Meeting at 11 am at Matteos
09/09/2017 CMA-A Board of Director meeting at the Medical Society
09/08/2017 "Flights above addiction" at the California Capital Airshow
09/05/2017 Kiyo Sato - guest speaker for SSVMS and SSVMSA
08/19/2017 CMAA Fall Leadership Retreat in Morro Bay
08/18/2017 Wine Tasting Event - "Heard it through the grapevine"
08/01/2017 Lunch Bunch at Evan's Kitchen
06/01/2017 AOM Planning Meeting
05/17/2017 SSVMSA Monthly volunteer event
05/09/2017 Past President’s Luncheon
01/19/2017 Joint SSVMS/SSVMSA Meeting
01/18/2017 SSVMSA Monthly volunteer event
12/13/2016 Medical Alliance Holiday Luncheon
12/07/2016 December SSVMSA Book Club
11/05/2016 Sensory wine tasting with Sender's winery
11/02/2016 November SSVMSA Book Club
10/15/2016 SSVMSA Wine Country Trip
10/06/2016 Girl's Night Out at Katia's Collections
10/05/2016 October SSVMSA Book Club
09/21/2016 SSVMSA Monthly volunteer event
09/13/2016 SSVMSA General Meeting
09/10/2016 SSVMS Fall Social
09/07/2016 September SSVMSA Book Club
08/23/2016 SSVMSA Volunteer Day at Loaves & Fishes
08/02/2016 Lunch Bunch at River City Brewing
05/04/2016 May SSVMSA Book Club
04/30/2016 2016 Art of Medicine
04/06/2016 April SSVMSA Book Club
04/05/2016 Lunch Bunch at Hawks Provisions and Public House
03/18/2016 AOM Mailing Party
03/02/2016 March SSVMSA Book Club
02/15/2016 (copy) SSVMSA Playdate
02/15/2016 SSVMSA Playdate
02/03/2016 February SSVMSA Book Club
01/21/2016 Joint SSVMS/SSVMSA Meeting
01/18/2016 SSVMSA Playdate
01/06/2016 January SSVMSA Book Club
01/05/2016 Monthly Board Meeting
12/08/2015 Medical Alliance Holiday Luncheon
12/02/2015 SSVMSA Book Club
11/11/2015 Medical Alliance play date with young children
11/08/2015 Art of Medicine - Gift Gathering Party
11/04/2015 SSVMSA Book Club
11/03/2015 Monthly Board Meeting and Lunch Bunch
08/22/2015 SSVMS Summer Social
08/15/2015 Walk with a Doc
08/04/2015 Monthly Board Meeting and Lunch Bunch
07/25/2015 SSVMSA Napa Wine Trip
07/14/2015 Monthly Board Meeting
06/09/2015 Monthly Board Meeting
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