Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society Alliance

What the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society Alliance Does for Our Community

For 82 years the Alliance has made a difference. The Sierra Sacramento Medical Society Alliance (SSVMSA) is composed of physicians' spouses and domestic partners, physicians, residents, medical students and Friends of the Alliance supporters dedicated to bettering our community. In association with the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society we are dedicated to improving the quality of health through funding, volunteer support and education.

Maybe you know of someone helped by the Alliance:

  • A wife whose husband is a recovering stroke patient found help through the Community Resources for Older Adults directory that the Alliance publishes each year.
  • A nursing student is grateful for the financial assistance provided through the Alliance Scholarship Program.
  • Families in the Sacramento area in need of food and clothing receive support from local organizations supported by SSVMSA annual Grants.
  • Families struggling with teens affected by Autism Spectrum Diseases attended an enlightening Community Health Day presented by SSVMSA.


  • Kim Majetich continues as SSVMSA President
  • Community grants awards totaled $34,110
  • Nursing Scholarships awards totaled $3,750
  • Holiday Sharing Card raised $20,761
  • Art of Medicine raised $68,000
  • Distribution of Community Resources for Older Adults continues


  • Paula Cameto honored with annual Helping Hands Award
  • Community Endowment Fund donations totaled $8,515
  • Kim Majetich follows Celeste Chin as President of SSVMSA

Margaret Mead, Anthropologist, said, |
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

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